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My home in Colorado is a window onto the high desert Southwest, its ecology and its tricultural history. The physical material and the subject of my art is wood: from piñons to portales, wood tells the stories of Indigenous, Hispanic, and other European settler cultures of this region, all of whom have called it home. I work in monochromatic ink on wood panels, gold and copper leaf, and wood, branches, lichen, and leaves. The echoes of late medieval European art and Spanish colonial craft sound throughout my monochromatic ink paintings, triptychs, escritorios, and retablos. A numinous realism pervades my close observation of wood and other natural materials, juxtaposed against traditional European devotional objects and objects for daily use - boxes, stools, and drawers. My work literally and figuratively re-frames the familiar into new landscapes, inviting the viewer to re-envision our physical and cultural relationship to the land. Grounded in a sense of place and referencing actual mountains, lakes, and groves of trees, my artwork deconstructs and reconstructs the religious concept of transubstantiation, the moment when what is physical becomes spiritual, when what is human becomes divine. My intent is to break down human-centered binaries: fabricated/natural, matter/mind, mundane/transcendent, finite/infinite. I believe that the deconstruction of such binaries is integral to our future well-being, and that deconstruction underlies the aesthetic functionality of my work. I seek to reveal a place in which our entangled everyday and extraordinary beings find common ground.

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